Travel Tips

The sun is very strong in South Carolina and sunscreen is essential. Don’t spoil your birding trip with sunburn.

Particularly in the warmer months of the year, do bring bottled water when you plan to be outside for any length of time.

Mosquitoes can be an irritant, especially in wooded or saltmarsh areas. It is a good idea to have repellent available.

It is possible to see the occasional snake when you are out on the trails. Although probably non-venomous, do give it a wide berth. Snakes can be identified on this website:

Alligators on South Carolina can grow up to 12 feet and are commonly found in our lagoons and creeks. Spring and fall is the best time for viewing when they regulate body temperature by sunning themselves on the banks of a lagoon. During the summer heat they keep cool by remaining in water with only eyes and nostrils visible. In winter months they hide in mud dens at the water’s edge. Alligators are not normally aggressive to humans but can be dangerous if approached or provoked – and they are lightening fast. Never feed an alligator as it will associate humans with food and become aggressive in approaching humans. When this happens it will be removed and put down, hence the adage “if it’s fed, it’s dead”. Locals on South Carolina have long learned to live with alligators by sharing a mutual respect of leaving each other alone.