Roxbury Park

Roxbury Park


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Roxbury Park

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Admission: Free

Hours of Operation: open from 8:00 – 6:00, Saturday & Sunday.


  • Visitors are permitted on park grounds only during normal hours of operation. Currently the park is  open on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) from 8:00AM until 6:00PM.
  • ​Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only. These  all have a sand/shell gravel base and a wood stop, and are located exclusively in the main parking area where the port a potty is located.
  • Fishing is permitted in either of the two ponds, but on a catch and release basis only. The reason for this is because the fish in both of these ponds are heavily fed upon by a variety of species of birds (and other wildlife), and would quickly be depleted completely if anglers were to keep what they caught.
  • No plants may be harvested, dug up, or cut in any way. Visitors may pick grapes or berries.
  • Any animal found in the park must be left alone . . . please do not touch. Any fish caught in either pond must be released.
  • Dogs will be permitted in the park provided they are quiet, and kept on a leash no longer than twenty feet long.
  • Bicycles are permitted in the park, but may only be ridden on designated trails.
  • Visitors are asked to walk/hike on designated trails only. Exceptions are the cleared areas on either side of the driveway, or mowed area around the cottage.
  • No vehicles are permitted beyond either of the two gates located inside the park.
  • No visitors are permitted past the tree line that separates the park’s hayfield, from the privately owned property located due east of the park (another larger hayfield).
  • ​Visitors are permitted to bring their own canoes and kayaks to the park.
  • No fires are permitted in park!



The Roxbury Park  property was once a portion of a former plantation tract that was known through the years as either “Hick’s Bottom” or “Roxbury.”

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