Brickyard (Merry) Ponds

Brickyard (Merry) Ponds


Area name

Brickyard (Merry) Ponds

Area Location

To reach the Brickyard Ponds take the Gordon Highway (1) and turn South on Doug Barnard Parkway (56). Turn left immediately ( approximately 100 yards) on Brickpond Road. This road can also be reached by taking Doug Barnard Parkway North from the Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520) for about 2.9 miles. You must register with the attendant at the small brick building (aka Fish Shack) on Brickpond Road.

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Admission: $4 per person, mainly to fund road maintenance.


No facilities.


Brickyard (Merry) Ponds is located near downtown Augusta, Georgia close to the Savannah river. The ponds are water-filled, abandoned clay mining pits. The clay mines were operated for many years by the Merry Brick Company and are known locally as the “Merry Ponds.” Boral Brick company now operates the Brickworks.Clay for brick manufacture has been mined in this area for nearly a century.

The main attraction of the brickyard ponds is the large numbers of migrating ducks that arrive in fall and winter. American Eagles are commonly seen in the area.

The old Fish Shack at the North end of the ponds has been torn down.

Key Birds


Migrating Ducks, American Eagle


Migrating Ducks


Migrating Ducks