Augusta Levee & Lover’s Lane

Augusta Levee & Lover’s Lane


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Augusta Levee & Lover’s Lane

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To reach Lover's Lane and the Levee take the Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520) to Laney Walker Boulevard. Turn right on Laney Walker Boulevard and then immediately right again (0.1 mile) onto Columbia Nitrogen road. Soon after turning onto Columbia Nitrogen road you will see a swampy wetland on the right (Columbia Nitrogen Swamp) which is a good area to view wading birds, shorebirds and ducks in season. Continue on the paved road about 2 miles to where the pavement ends. Continue on the unpaved road until you reach the Levee. Alternatively, you can turn left on a dirt road where the paved road ends and drive directly to the Levee.

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An unpaved portion of Lover’s Lane runs to the levee. It passes through floodplain hardwood forest, cypress-tupelo swamp, and grassy fields offering excellent habitat for migrants. The property adjacent to Lover’s Lane and the Levee is private and some of it is posted so birding should be confined to the roadways.
Following severe flooding in 1908 and 1915, a 15-20 foot high levee was constructed from the headgates of the Augusta Canal to Butler creek. The Augusta Levee is a federally authorized and non-federally operated and maintained, urban flood protection project. The flood protection is located on the west bank of the Savannah River adjacent to downtown Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia.

 The Southern portion of the levee is undeveloped and ideal for viewing migrating passerines. From the roadway on top of the levee trees can be scanned from a relatively elevated position that helps prevent “warbler neck.”

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