Augusta Canal

Augusta Canal


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Augusta Canal

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1450 Greene Street, Augusta GA 30901

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The Augusta Canal weaves threads of history, scenery, and recreation into a delightful tapestry as it winds its way through Augusta, Georgia.

Explore the nation’s only industrial power canal still in use for its original purpose. Visit the Augusta Canal Discovery Center at Enterprise Mill to hear the stories of the people who built the canal in 1845 to harness the water and power of the Savannah River, and learn about the progress, problems and promise of its 170-year history.

Hike or bike on the towpath edging the historic canal, which takes you past natural and urban landscapes, giving glimpses of wildlife, offering beautiful scenery, and surrounding you with nature and history. Fish from the canal banks, paddle a canoe or kayak in the gently moving waters, take one of several daily guided boat tours aboard a replica canal cargo boat, or kick back and relax on an evening Music Cruise.

Key Birds


Wood Duck, Mallard, Pie-billed Grebe, Heron, Egret, Cormorant, Anhinga, Belted Kingfisher, Red-tailed Hawk,  Red-shouldered Hawk, Cooper’s hawk, Owl, Vulture.