Lower Savannah River Alliance Greenway

Lower Savannah River Alliance Greenway


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Lower Savannah River Alliance Greenway

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The nearest restrooms are located across the Savannah River at the GA Visitors Information Center.


The Lower Savannah River Alliance Greenway, located in west Allendale County, SC, is a great place for a bird watching! The greenway is the old abandoned Highway 301 road bed and bridges, which places visitors high in the treetops which offers a unique vantage point from which to view birds. The 2.8 mile trail follows a stream and crosses above wetlands. There are benches along the way, and the greenway ends on the charming old river bridge in the middle of the Savannah River. Access to the trail is from two parking lots, which are located 1.5 miles and 3 miles east of the GA/SC state line on Hwy 301 in Allendale County, SC. For more info or photos, please email: lowersavannahriveralliance@gmail.com.

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