• Painted bunting - Columbia
    Painted bunting - Columbia
  • Tricolored Heron - Charleston
    Tricolored Heron - Charleston
  • Green Heron - Piedmont
    Green Heron - Piedmont
  • Wood Stork - Augusta-Aiken
    Wood Stork - Augusta-Aiken
  • Great Egret - Waccamaw
    Great Egret - Waccamaw

The purpose of the South Carolina Birding Trail is to make more accessible the prime natural areas of the state and in the process benefit the businesses of South Carolina thereby creating a consensus about the value of natural areas and the need to conserve and restore these areas.

Using The Birding Trail

  • To find an area: go to Region on the banner and choose an area. The Regions are named for the Audubon chapter active in that Region. Once you choose an area your can see a map and receive driving instructions as well as view access, facilities, key birds, and background for the area.
  • Businesses supporting the South Carolina Birding Trail agree to sponsor the Trail by paying a fee. Please patronize these businesses and let them know you heard about them from the South Carolina Birding Trail.
  • Information about birding and nature areas in South Carolina has been compiled by volunteer members of the Audubon Society chapters throughout South Carolina. The passion of these volunteers is to visit and appreciate the natural beauty of these sites. The site is managed by our volunteers.
  • If nature and bird watching brings economic activity to South Carolina, businesses and communities will attach additional value to current nature and birding areas. This will result in a greater understanding regarding the need to protect and develop nature and birding areas.